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24th May 2023

Enablement to support a 3rd phone number and student eMail Id

23rd May 2023

Dear Parents,
In our efforts to have an appropriate platform to share (home work/practice) activities, to receive responses, correct, provide feedback and to effectively iterate the cycle towards the next step. 
Google Classroom shall be the new collaborative tool and towards that we would need a gmail id with your ward's name. Currently available ids with the parent names are difficult to understand the who is who.
What do we need from you?
1. Create an email id with your ward's first name; below are some references that you can pick (an id of your choice) based on suitability or availability
Share the created email id with us via

School WhatsApp Group Usage Guidelines

23rd May 2023

Guidelines drafted based on the feedback provided by parents.
1⃣ STRICTLY No to SPAMS. Commercials / general information / any fast moving WhatsApp news - all are considered as spam
2⃣ Before asking any question; request parents to kindly scroll up and check if the questions is answered already
3⃣ Kindly refrain from asking what is obvious
4⃣ General queries that benefit all parents can be posted in the group
5⃣ Specific queries about your ward can be raised as a service ticket -
6⃣ Website - News and events section ( a handy repository for all the posted news
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Service Level Agreements (SLA) - To respond to Service Tickets

23rd May 2023

Dear Parents,
Please find the Service Level Agreement (SLA) to respond to the folloing categories of tickets.
Ticket Type Response Time in days (Excluding weekends)
Leave Request / Permission Auto acknowledged and ticket honoured
Change of Drop/Pick Up Person/Auto/Any Other Transport Auto acknowledged and ticket honoured
Missed Item / Home Activity Related Query 2 days
Add Mobile # to School WhatsApp group 2 days
Change of Contact # / eMail Id 2 days
School / Teacher Appointment 3-10 days
Other 5-10 days
Thanks & Regards

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