Our School

Our Vision

"Affordable, purposeful, quality education for all"

Our Mission

"To create an environment where learning is a natural process, where in every student has an academic place to grow, continuously challenge, retrospect, introspect oneself, surpass and scale new heights"

Our Belief

“அறிவு அற்றம் காக்கும் கருவி செறுவார்க்கும் உள் அழிக்கல் ஆகா அரண். “

"Education is for life"

Education for all without any preference or reservation

  • Admission based on availability; first come first serve
  • Though paid service; cost effectively planned to be economical ABAP (as best..)
  • Inclusive in setup, students (at a 10% ratio) 'with special needs' also a part of the class

Cost to be affordable

  • Includes Students' KIT at no additional cost
  • Co-scholastic activities (Dance/Karate/..) at no additional cost

Ideal use of technology (e-infrastructure)

  • Daily school updates are broadcasted to parents through WhatsApp / eMail

No physical abuse to enforce academics

  • Teachers are professionals and are trained to be psychologically balanced
  • Students are treated as adults rather young adults

Learner friendly “Teaching-Learning” environment

  • Department based setup (usually seen at colleges/universities level)
  • Subject based classroms…students move from one subject class to other throughout the day, instead of sitting in the same classroom for the entire academic year

Our Schools

Naughty Newtons (NN alias 'Two N' alias Twin) formerly called as JC Academy was established in the year 2010.

Academics Redefined Model Indian (ARMI) School was established in the year 2014. 

ARMI School is affiliated to “Edexcel” - An IGCSE board to provide international education. Center # 95866

The Institution works towards the vision to provide specialized and personalized platform for learning,

TwinARMI - The unified representation of the 2 Schools, is a..

  • A “Student Centric” School
  • An “INCLUSIVE” School
  • And the one that builds on KNOWLEDGE intelligence as the driving force

Our Technical Partners

  • MIKids - Software driven English progam @ Naughty Newtons
  • Pearson's "Edexcel" @ Academics Redefined Model Indian School
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