Our Team

Jhansirani Lakshminarayanan

Mentor - Math | Principal | Head of the School | Founder

"Jhansi" the shortest possible introduction, a gifted name; thanks to my parents.

An Engineer by academics, graduated in the Instrumentation stream.

As a Project Manager, working for leading IT companies; have managed and delivered several business critical projects in India and UK.

After delivering tens and thousands of lines of life less software code, I could discover my real passion and dream towards enabling a learning platform which would be purposeful and also applicable for all.

Durga Srinivasan

Mentor - SuperK, English

Am a spark of exuberance, usually known to people from close quarters.
The spark gets ignited when it meets up with the energy of the todds and students.
Left my MBA in finance and did Montessori training as i knew where i should be seeing myself.
Have a rich exposure and experience with the students of this age group...
  • A resource teacher for Students with Special Needs
  • Math Teacher for Grades - 1 & 2
  • Teacher for Toddlers, Pre-Schoolers 
and right now 
  • Class Teacher of SuperK-Senior
Working hard and it would be a great dream to realise that my students are experiencing education and not learning something at school.

M. Tamil Arasi

Mentor - Science, Physics | Domain Lead - Science

A Civil engineer under construction of the future Scientists.
Like challenges and like to thrive in difficult situations.
A helping personality and love to make my surroundings happy through my smile.
Writing poems and long distance travels are my other interests.
My enthusiasm towards exploration and scientific research drove me to find this platform.

S. Srividhya

Mentor - Science 

A flexible, enthusiastic, happy, sportive, easy-going, fun-loving person who likes to be with fun-loving people.
Music is my passion, to be precise Raja Sir's music is music to me and my only passion.
I think i have a good sense of making choice..like to be in full control of "what i choose and what i do"; it would not be an exaggeration if i say i have not been on the wrong side...actually it's my 'politically correct' approach that helps me mostly..
Exuberant person, like to spread exuberance, positive vibe and energy :)

J. Lavanya

Mentor - Hindhi

A diversified profile from diploma to praveen (प्रवीण) has given me a wealth of experience.
The journey from Civil to Hindi to a Teacher is an evolution by itself and happy to have transformed a passion to a career.
The exploration started as a kindergarten teacher few years before, grew with the students and now am exploring my interest by being a Hindi teacher.
Also passionate about colors, dressing and apparels in general.
Gardening is another area which keeps me busy and rolling.

A. Aneetha

Mentor - SuperK, Science

A soft natured, soft spoken personality and generally a person of few words.
At the same time very caring, very affectionate and attached too.
An organized person who likes to structure ideas, plan and execute responsibilities.
A foodie definitely on the culinary side, love to cook, be it veg or non-veg recipes.
Prefer to listen to melodious and soothing music, to keep myself calm and energized. 

Aruna G. Krishnan

Mentor - English

Sound, clear and endorsing is how i could echo whenever i speak.
"Life is a continuous process of learning" strongly believe and practice it daily.
A gregarious person and loves socializing with people of all age groups.
Graduation from Bangalore, post-graduation from Delhi, working at Chennai..have a good exposure of people, places and practices. 
My leisure time activities are craft work and creating useful products from waste materials.
My passion includes painting, gardening and am also a trained Bharatnatyam dancer.

E. Anna Mephy

Mentor - SuperK, Thamizh, Math, ICT

Self made, interesting person from the back benches to a teacher now.
Somebody with the inquisitiveness to learn.
Badminton, Throwball, Cricket - Like to play
Music, singing, dancing - Love to do
Reading, writing - Picked on the go
My "teacher quotient" is energy, excitement and education that can be entertaining too.
Can comfortably tease, influence and encourage the students.
A dreamer..
BTS, KPop, Korea, Korean language...the other dreams that I am chasing.

J. Nisha

Mentor - SuperK, Science

An experienced campaigner; around a decade that I've been with the kintergarten students and TwinARMI.
A contemporary teacher with the blend of traditional and new age methodologies.
In my perspective efforts and quality are two sides of a coin, it doesn't mean that they are opposites and one would only show up everytime but it means they are attached and a coin is incomplete without the other.
Sowing the academic seeds and nurturing the students at their initial stages; is an absolute pleasure and privilege by itself.
Methodical, time bound, protocol oriented and am somebody who gives and wants the best.

Nirmala Devi R.

Mentor - Chemistry, Thamizh | Domain Lead - Thamizh

Am a neutral personality akin to an atom.
Have a very strong bond with Chemistry what looked like a start by chance seem to be a destined one now. 
My life is an equation balanced with the realms of Chemistry and Thamizh.
In my opinion a professional teacher is like a catalyst who can enhance the excitement of learning and I sincerely attempt it in every class of mine.
Am an ardent fan of the classical Thamizh language.
My literary work includes stories, dramas, poems...
Wish to contribute and carry forward the legacy of Thamizh langauge.

N. Brinda

Mentor - Chemistry

A soft, kind, compassionate, bold and a person with a contagious smile.
Am a very optimistic person with positivity not just in thought process but in approach and attitude too.
Am committed to staying up-to date on the latest educational research and practices.
Treat my students with respect and expect them to treat each other with respect as well.
It's my priority to create a classroom environment where everyone feel safe, valued and nurtured.

Shandha Sheela Vijay

Mentor - Math | Vertical Head - Life Skills and Humanities

I am a Biotechnology Engineer by profession, and I started my career in Research and Development.
However, I soon realized that my passion for teaching was stronger.
I believe that people grow as their passion grows, and I am passionate about helping students learn and grow.
I have extensive experience in teaching English, Mathematics, Global Perspectives, Aptitude, and Personality Development.
As a Vertical Head of Domains, I ensure that students explore all the concepts with ease and understand the real-world connectivity.

Biswaprava Khuntia

Mentor - Hindhi

My "Loving, sharing, and caring" life journey in education began in 2011, fueled by an unwavering passion for teaching. As a post-graduate in Arts and Hindhi, I have the privilege of touching countless young hearts with innovative teaching methods. Shaping young minds requires a big heart, and I am grateful to be entrusted with this responsibility.
Outside the classroom, I find solace and joy in tending to my garden and decorating my home.
My creative spirit also finds expression in my passion for singing devotional Bhajans and performing traditional dances.
In essence, my life is a vibrant tapestry woven with the threads of education, creativity, and a love for life.


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